List Of Top 10 Spas In Switzerland That You Should Try

Switzerland is one of the best places where you can find the best scenarios and views throughout the country. Here is some famous place where you can relax after the day’s stress, or on vacation and you are searching for a nice spa. Also, you can perform some basic beauty therapies on you. Whereas, this place is famous for the couples for there honeymoon. As so the country is most popular for its tourist places which are famous in the world. The spa doesn’t mean just therapy, the spas only deliver a mean massage but over time seem to rearrange our very molecules. In this article, we are listing Top 10 Spas In Switzerland That You Should Try where you can spend your holidays or honeymoon.

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Top 10 Spas In Switzerland That You Should Try


Victoria has been established in the year 1865. Whereas, this country has been updated with some splendid culture for its forward era. The properties renewed by ESPA offers variety message for both eastern & western modern techniques. The most sensation Spa therapies using the healing water of Japanese springs and you can try body exfoliation treatment performed with silk gloves.

Oktogon Hammam

This famous place located in an octagon-shaped building that was once a gasworks, this structure are made in a three-story building, each floor has been occupied different facilities. Seven rooms in the wet bathing section include an herbal steam room, rigorous body scrubbing, and laying on warm stones. Also, there is the oil massage available which is one of the top 10 spas in Switzerland.

Clinique Laprarie

This modern Spa came in 1931, Since then it has been offering cutting edge therapies and equipment for achieving holistic wellness. Moreover, it has 30 different specialists ranging in areas from cardiology to psychology. it is not enough other than that. Whereas, there are 15 treatment rooms, an indoor swimming pool, a Kneipp course, a sauna, an ice fountain, and a relaxation room.

Bogn Engiadina

This place is also known as Alpine town which has been enjoyed by bathers since 1369. Whereas, it also includes one of Europe’s most famous spas with a serene blue interior and six pools from warm to cool. This spa includes various types like saunas, solariums, steam rooms, and massage centers provide further relaxation activities.

Dolder Grand

This spa is situated on a hilltop overlooking the city, this shimmering structure installed with soaring towers dates from 1899. Whereas, It’s interior is treated with the circular meditation room with walls covered in more than 9,000 pieces of mirrored tiles. Also, it provides bamboo shiatsu treatment that uses rhythmic tapping to stimulate the body and relieve stress.

Tschuggen Grand

This is the modern era glass faded shape. Which is built into the side of a mountain, is one of the most striking in the country. the structure is spread 5,000-square-foot complex with pools, treatment rooms, a fitness room, and saunas. Whereas it is designed by renowned Swiss architect Mario Botta, the sail-shaped glass and steel structures.

Palace Luzern

If you want to make your particular day remarkable in Switzerland, make an appointment for an anti-jet lag massage at this elegant facility on a hill overlooking Lake Geneva. this traditional oasis has an international bent, it offered Finnish sauna and Moroccan hammam in its schedule for marking further relaxation.

Sole Uno

One of the best destinations which fulfill our desire. It is located about 20 minutes outside of Basel. After discovering natural salt at this site it became a spa destination. because of this welcoming facility offers three saltwater pools. Besides the typical treatment rooms, there are saunas, hammams, and Russian banya.

Carlton Hotel

People will love to pass a day to get experience at this luxurious hotel in the Glitzy town. Whereas the design of this hotel with soothing blues and earth tones, spanning three floors with spectacular mountain views. There is a pool, sauna area with steam bar caldarium, hydro-massage showers, and a lounge with a fireplace.

La Reserve Geneva

The area of this established in the range of  10 Acre park. Whereas, the interior of this facility is evocative of a luxe African lodge. The spa specializes in innovative anti-aging treatments. There’s also an indoor pool, hammam, sauna, and fitness center. which makes it a more attractive place among others. Also, it has a good locality which made this place one of the top-visited sites.

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