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Top 10 Spas in Chennai That You Should Try Once When You Visit

Top 10 Spas in Chennai

Chennai is the most famous city which has dramatically evolved its taste in the field of fashion and grooming. Also, it is one of the most popular metro cities and most visited places in South India in our country. Whereas, their Spa creates a sense of excitement and refreshment in you which makes you feel relax. The spa is almost a ritual that not only relaxes your mind and entire body which helps you in easing out pain from the various joints and muscles. The city is blessed with an abundance of varied cultures, traditions, and festivals. Here is the list for Top 10 Spas in Chennai That You Should Try that will make you indulge in the goodness of a spa.

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Top 10 Spas in Chennai That You Should Try

Manthra Bali Spa

Manthra Bali Spa located in Nungambakkam, Chennai which is very popular for there special oil. They have a wide range of spas available as per your needs which is extremely good. They also crave for their next visit and rated as one of the best spas in Chennai.


This Spa ha some special techniques which are based on Kerala Ayurveda. Also, it is the most famous in Chennai for its relaxing and rejuvenating massages. They offer normal spas, therapeutic massages that help relieve not only stress but it will make you feel very relaxing. Their staff is highly professional and capable of relieving you of the pains.

Jiva Spa

The spa located at Taj Fisherman’s Cove which is also one of the best locations in Chennai. This spa offers a wide myriad of services like signature massages, body scrubs, wraps, aromatherapies and beauty therapies. The staffs are highly courteous which will experience so rejuvenating to your body and soul.

Sowkhya Ayurvedic Spa

This Spa is a basic Ayurvedic Spa which has one of the best attractions. It helps to heal and minimalizing body ailments with there special and various massage techniques. Also, it helps get relives from various ailments such as gastritis, indigestion, Osteoarthritis.

Antahpura Spa

This Spa is situated in the Park Hyatt hotel which is also an award-winning spa. Whereas, it is famous for its ancient massages and massage techniques which is a highly sophisticated internal furnishing and breathtaking ambiance. It also offers different types of massage for your face, shoulder, neck and much more.

Willow Spa

The place is one of the most luxurious spas in Chennai with pocket-friendly prices and has a wide range of therapies. This place houses a decent ambiance and friendly staff who are highly experienced to take out all your pain. It is situated in Madipakkam, Chennai.


This Spa offers prenatal and postnatal therapies for all those mothers who are so tired of their hip and body pain. It is situated in Palavakkam Chennai and especially for the To be Mommies. Also, they therapies foot spas and beautifier services as well.

Spa Influence

It is one of the best luxury spas located in Chennai. Also, you can enjoy Happy Hour discounts termed as Heavenly Hours during the weekdays. The Spa offers Influence Signature massage, tranquilizing body scrubs, wraps, hair spas which is one of the best.


It is a luxury salon with a plush setting that is crafted to make you feel luxurious. They have the most trained and professional staff who analyze your face cut and give you the perfect makeover. It is located in Kilpauk which also famous for many centers.

Anushka Spa

Anushka Spa is one of the best Spa located in Ashok Nagar, Chennai which also has been awarded in 2014. Whereas, their staff has an experience of 20+ years and a decent nature. It offers various services like haircuts, which include coloring, hair treatments, massages, and makeover services.

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